Dirk Leegwater

LwDParts is founded by Dirk Leegwater . From an early age, Dirk Leegwater was interested in the World War II. He was particularly interested in military vehicles manufactured during the World War II and which were driven during that time. In 1970 Dirk Leegwater made his first purchase, an International M-5H-6. This was an American army truck from 1944.
Dirk Leegwater 16-12-1944         + 29-01-2020


After his first purchase, Dirk Leegwater discovered that it was not only the Americans who liberated Holland from the Germans, but also the Canadians. Since then he started studying and collecting Canadian military vehicles. Over the years expanded this interest into a serious hobby and collection. Dirk Leegwater was a true specialist in the field of Canadian military parts and vehicles.


Nowadays Dirk’s son Stefan Leegwater is responsible for LwDParts. Over the years he has learned all lot from his father and together they went to several events all over the world. Stefan is honored to maintain the collection of his father. With the LwDParts webshop he wants to help other collectors with their collection and with the restoration of various military vehicles.